The Long Version

The craft of journalism, the challenge of writing books and the lessons of history are experiences that have taught Adam how to communicate complex ideas in a clear and simple way.

As a financial columnist, business editor and author, he has learned how to listen and how to ask questions, sifting through information to reveal the story to be told.  His business education includes an MBA. His skills as an author mean he can reduce  complex economic ideas to a narrative that informs, engages and entertains.

His first internship while studying journalism in London, England was at the Islington Gazette, a weekly newspaper where Charles Dickens once worked.  His first job after graduation was at the Western Morning News in Plymouth where, at the turn of the last century, Winston Churchill was a correspondent covering the Boer War.

It was a great way to start a career.

In Plymouth, one of Adam’s first assignments was to report on the sailboats returning to the city after surviving the deadly 1979 Fastnet race.  Fifteen sailors died in the race, 25 boats were abandoned and hundreds of people were rescued. Years later he revisited the story as Beyond Endurance, his second sailing book.

Adam’s time in England cemented interests in sailing, history and financial journalism.

His career highlights include:

  • Six books in these three areas. The latest, Unstoppable Force, explores investing opportunities for Canadians in India, China and other emerging markets. Sea of Dreams was a bestseller. Dixie & The Dominion looked at Canada’s role in the American Civil War and has since found its way onto the curriculum of Canadian university history courses.
  • Toronto Star Business Editor, personal finance and investing columnist and founding editor of, a personal finance portal launched by Torstar Corp., the Star’s parent. From these vantage points he was able to watch and report on the biggest business and economic stories of the day.
  • Teaching news writing, law and business ethics at Oakville’s Sheridan College as well as enjoying a teaching fellowship for business journalism at Arizona State University.
  • Three trips to Antarctica.  Two as a guest speaker talking about the Golden Age of Antarctic exploration. A third retraced the final steps of Ernest Shackleton’s Endurance expedition to South Georgia Island. It tells the remarkable story of  Shackleton’s small boat, open ocean voyage to seek help to rescue his stranded crew.
  • Adam’s resume.