Tell your story with my help


Ghostwriting a book

The toughest part of writing a book is getting started.  Where to begin? What to put in and what to leave out? Is it a memoir, a self-help guide, or a family or corporate history. How do you organize the material?

Adam can help define your story.  He can help you organize the material, shape the arc of the narrative, write it with you and help get it published. If you’ve already started, but are finding it tough, Adam can edit and shape a work in progress.

If the story is strong enough, your book can be commercially published. If not, it can be self-published.  Adam interviews you and conducts other necessary research to understand your experiences and and its subtleties.

His areas of specialty are:

Business excellence: A book that captures your professional legacy and explores the keys to your success, lessons learned and guiding principles that define you as a leader and entrepreneur.

Autobiographical stories:  A book that captures your life story, often a blend of  personal and  professional.

Self-help or motivational topics: A book that offers a step-by-step guide to achieving a goal. It offers your insights and recipes as a path for others to learn and follow.

Adam can also provide copy editing, layout and design and publishing consulting to authors.

How much does it cost?

Writing an article

Sometimes there’s something in the news that you feel strongly about or that affects your business. It can be done with a fast turnaround for time-sensitive news or commentary articles. A few hundred words or a few thousand.

They are written in a plain speaking style conveying a well-argued message that can be applied to external or internal corporate communication.

How much does it cost?