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Best of 2022: Fast food, EVs and RRIF rules

Two of my articles for the Globe & Mail made it into their best of 2022 list as strategies to ride out volatile markets.

I’ve been writing for Globe Advisor, an online section of the Globe & Mail’s Report on Business, for three years. I’m pleased to see two of my articles among their best of 2022 lists.

The category was strategies to ride out volatile markets with both articles looking at trends in different sectors.

One article looked at the three global fast-food giants and their expansion plans in emerging markets. McDonald’s, Yum! and Restaurant Brands International all have big investments and high hopes in the Far East particularly.

The other article looked at the prospects for electric vehicles, noting that 2002 would be the first year in which the price of these vehicles increased. It was a breakthrough year, with the New York Times noting recently that in 2022 EVs turned a corner, going from luxury toy to a main stream purchase.

On my web site, the best-read articles of 2022 were two perennial favourites which fall into the news-you-can-use category.

One laid out changes to Registered Retirement Income Funds (RRIF) withdrawal rates for the year. The other answered a reader question about whether it is better to hold U.S. stocks in U.S. dollars, or in the Canadian equivalent in investment accounts.

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